Top lists about Florida

Top lists about Florida

Top lists about Florida – from beaches to hotels and food

Top lists about Florida are partly our own favorites, partly what we find in other publications.
I love lists and it does not matter what they contain, I am always inspired (even if the list does not match what I think).
So when Gunnar and Peter asked me to help with lists with a Florida connection, I was not late to say yes.

First, I made sure that, among other things, Dr Beach’s popular beach lists from several years ended up here.
I will continue to try to deliver other lists about Floridaregularly.
Sometimes these lists are taken straight up and down from the source. But at least as often we make our own addition, a personal comment.

The top lists about Florida can be about everything between heaven and earth – from hotels and restaurants to beaches and food (and a lot more).
Extra exciting is usually to check out the most popular places – no doubt the taste is different.

AYITA BILLIE, Ochopee, Florida

A work in progress

  • This website is a standalone version of Scandinavian Since the original has been published since 2005, it consists of up to 300 pages of information about Florida. Therefore, it will take time for us to translate everything, it is done manually (no machine translation).
    We focus on meeting the need for up to date information about “New Florida”, such as what the theme parks in Orlando will be like when the state opens to visitors from other parts of the world.