Tips about Miami Beach

Tips about Miami Beach

Tips about Miami Beach, South Beach & the mainland

Tips about Miami Beach, activities, excursions, restaurants and much more in one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations. In addition, the city of Miami and the district of South Beach, of course.

Magic Miami, world-famous Miami Beach and trendy South Beach – this is what is offered in the category Tips about Miami Beach, since most focus is on the town on the city on the elongated island on the shores of the Atlantic. Less about the mainland.

Wherever you go most things – and the people – are more latin than american. A unique mix of cultures and a population that (at least for the younger generations) is usually bilingual.

Endless possibilities for activities (see offers from our partner Get Your guide) and during a vacation here, no visitor should miss visiting the Everglades. Either the national park itself or some other part of the area.

Tips about Miami Beach is written by a team with a lifetime of experience in Florida (and the US).

A work in progress

  • This website is part of Scandinavian Since the original has been published since 2006, it consists of up to 300 pages of information about Florida. Therefore, it will take time for us to translate everything, it is done manually (no machine translation).
    We focus on meeting the need for up to date information about “New Florida”, such as what the theme parks in Orlando will be like when the state opens to visitors from other parts of the world.
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