Orlando theme parks

Orlando theme parks

Orlando theme parks is so much
more than the Disney attractions

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The Orlando theme parks are “The Big Eight”, which means the theme parks at Disney World, Universal Resort and Sea World, including their water parks.
All other theme parks, attractions, activities and information about tickets you find in a special Orlando section. (Some pages with similar information you will find in both categories.)

Orlando theme parks – from 7 to 8 (to 9)

The major Orlando theme parks have their own section for easier navigation about this huge subject.
Years ago we used to talk about “The Big Seven”.
Then Discovery Cove was added to the list, which made them eight and soon we will see number nine take shape: the forth major theme park owned by Universal.

Magic Kingdom – the original, the park that changed the entire Orlando area forever and feels like a “must-visit”.
Epcot – Disney’s second park where the attraction “Soarin ‘around the World” is reason enough to buy an entrance ticket. Many news in this park during 2021.
Hollywood Studios – with Star Wars as a new way of thinking from Disney, a concept with its own hotel to give privileged visitors a unique overall experience.
Animal Kingdom – greatest focus on “Pandora – the World of Avatar”, a success from day one.
Universal Studios – the movie studio that became a theme park. Several themes and a park in constant development.
Islands of Adventure – the world’s most technologically advanced amusement park. Both Universal parks have Harry Potter worlds.
Sea World – high class attractions and a lot of news in recent years. Fewer animals and more cool riding experiences.
Discovery Cove – exclusive tropical adventure with, among other things, dolphin swim. Limited number of visitors and all-inclusive – a full day family activity.

Plan the Orlando theme parks thoroughly!

Arriving to Orlando without being prepared is doomed to fail. An expansive big city with a couple of million inhabitants, but that’s not the problem . The Orlando theme parks live their own lives far from the city center and it is about these you should know as much as possible.

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Follow our links to those of Orlando’s parks that interest you the most. Read our tips and you will have nice, exciting and fun days in Orlando.
The reason why we emphasizes this: Park tickets are expensive. We want you to get the most out of your visit. Use all available advice that allows you to spend as little time as possible in queues, not least inside the parks.

Quick tips about Orlando theme parks:

Avoid Saturday-Sunday plus (of course) the major holidays.
Buy a ticket to the Orlando theme parks well in advance. To have the ticket (nowadays usually an E-ticket) in your hand and you have saved time already at the park entrance.
Booking on time applies especially to Disney World where you want to take advantage of the Disney fast pass, i.e. plan the most important attractions from home to spend less time standing in line.
Seriously consider invest in express pass at Universal.
Study where in the park your favorite attractions are, it can mean a half hour difference in the queue if you know the fastest way to get there.

Finally: Order tickets to Orlando theme parks at the Official Ticket Center, the only ticket agency that has direct contact with the Disney box office.

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