Places in Florida

Places in Florida

Places in Florida, a shortcut to our favorite areas

Places in Florida – our experts guide you to Florida’s best areas.
For a party in South Beach or Key West or to the much calmer west coast.
We take you to the theme parks of Orlando and showcase the state’s best beaches – there are hundreds of miles of sandy beaches.
Also, don’t miss South Florida’s only must-see getaway: the Everglades.

Join us – we want to make sure you have a successful Florida holiday without unnecessary hassle before or during the trip!

Places in Florida describe parts of a very large American state, the fourth largest. As a whole country. 22 million inhabitants in an area as large as the whole of England.
Hundreds of places – big cities, towns, communities, villages in 67 counties (municipalities).

In this category we will step by step present all the cities and places in Florida that we have chosen to focus on. The section will be expanded as we have time to update the information.

For easier navigation among the places in Florida use the subcategories for cities and regions.

Our basic tips for places in Florida:

Get an overview of Florida as a destination. Study our categories with tips and decide if it is the west coast or the east coast that attracts the most.
Plan for a base camp. Too many different hotels just get boring and time consuming. (Orlando is rarely considered a base camp unless you plan to spend your entire vacation in all the theme parks.)
Do not be too optimistic about a time and distance. The map and reality rarely match.
Treat yourself to leave the freeway sometimes for a slower route on Florida’s old country roads. I promise this will take you to places we do not even know about…

A work in progress

  • This website is part of Scandinavian Since the original has been published since 2006, it consists of up to 300 pages of information about Florida. Therefore, it will take time for us to translate everything, it is done manually (no machine translation).
    We focus on meeting the need for up to date information about “New Florida”, such as what the theme parks in Orlando will be like when the state opens to visitors from other parts of the world.
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