Book a hotel in Florida

Book a hotel in Florida

Book a hotel in Florida – choose
from over 20,000 in eleven areas

Book a hotel in Florida, over 20,000, choose right!
Tips on Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Key West, Everglades, Naples, Fort Myers Beach, Sarasota, Clearwater Beach and more.

It may (quite rightly) seem like looking for a needle in a haystack to book a hotel in Florida. That is why we are your advisors.
Best tips from a European expert and former hotel owner in Florida. That means most for your money and best quality.

Gunnar Hedqwist is not only the CEO and founder of It was as hotel owner Gunnar started this online publication for Swedish Florida visitors. So what Gunnar does not know about how to book a hotel in Florida is not worth knowing.

Read our recommendations about how to book a hotel in Florida, so you do not get lost in the hotel jungle and above all: Stay in areas that we recommend.


Shortcuts to book a hotel in Florida:

Presented here is (most likely) the absolute best European compilation of hotels in the eleven areas Florida visitors like the most.
We can promise that thanks to knowing most of the hotels, whether it’s a giant hotel in Orlando or a small bed and breakfast on a beach on the west coast.

  • NOTE: The links below may take you to Swedish hotel pages for the time being while the website is translated and edited into your language. In that case, click on an interesting hotel and select the language and currency that you prefer.

St Augustine
Fort Lauderdale
Miami Beach
Florida Keys and Key West
Fort Myers Beach
Clearwater Beach

Orlando, which is the area you mainly visit, has of course special pages about International Drive, the best Disney hotels and the ever-growing crowd of Universal hotels with the flagship Royal Pacific (our most booked hotel in Florida).

Beach hotels and most value for your money

Click on the link and search for yourself!

Through our hotel portal alone, there are over 20,000 hotels in Florida to book. If you want to see everything that is offered, click on the Booking link.
Far from everything is good, affordable or has a good beach location. Our starting point in the selection of hotels in Florida is most value for the money and along the coasts we prioritize beach hotels.
However, three exceptions:

  • Orlando, where proximity to the favorite park can play a pretty big role in choosing an area.
  • Key West, where walking distance to the central parts of the city feels important.
  • St. Augustine, where the proximity to the Old Town is to be recommended.

Lots of hotel nights during over 40 years in the US

For over 40 years we have been traveling around Florida (and the rest of the United States). Many reasons to book a hotel in Florida and elsewhere.
In addition, we have experience of owning and operating several hotels in Florida, and are still involved in the tourism industry.
All this knowledge leaves its mark and we want to share it with you so that you have the best possible holiday trip in Florida – trust our advice which is presented on lots of pages about how to book a hotel in Florida.

  • IMPORTANT: You pay neither more nor less by booking via This means that the commission that accrues to us is taken from the hotel intermediary, ie not from you as a customer.

Rabatt, specialpris hotell Florida

If you find something you like – save the link! You will then help us to continue to deliver Florida information by booking through a hotel page that has our symbol. Especially because the hotel industry in Florida is constantly changing and we keep track. Plus also tips about some hotels you should definitely stay away from.

In addition to our favorites, do not hesitate to use the hotel pages’ maps for your own search. Also take advantage of promotions with special offers from our hotel partner. Current last minute prices are shown here, you can change the place and date yourself and choose to search among accommodation only with “smart deal” or similar.

New in recent years is that many areas also offer holiday homes, ie primarily villas, while what is advertised as apartments are usually hotel-like “apartment hotels”.

A work in progress

  • This website is part of Scandinavian Since the original has been published since 2006, it consists of up to 300 pages of information about Florida. Therefore, it will take time for us to translate everything, it is done manually (no machine translation).
  • We focus on meeting the need for up to date information about “New Florida”, such as what the theme parks in Orlando will be like when the state opens to visitors from other parts of the world.