Best time to visit Florida for sun and beach?
The biggest chance to see a clear blue sky and get a lot of sun in Florida is in the spring. So that is the simple answer to the question of when Florida offers the best weather.
During this time we see fewer clouds than in fall. On the other hand, the water temperature (both in The Atlantic Ocean and in The Mexican Golf) is lower after winter.
Best time to visit Florida is also the months when the state is the most crowded.

best time to visit florida

Florida’s climate – a mix of tropical and subtropical

Despite theme parks and shopping – the weather is of course the main reason to go to Florida. Florida’s climate, quite simply.
You arrive to a subtropical climate.
The sun shines almost every day all year round.

Even though we are almost in the tropics, there are seasonal changes. There is actually quite a big difference, weather-wise, in summer and winter. In addition, it is noticeable on vegetation and the length of days.

How hot is it in the summer?
How cold will it be in the winter?
It may seem strange, but it actually rarely gets above 32-34 degrees in the summer. Significantly lower temperatures than in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, for example.
It is the humidity that makes the heat feel awkward.
In winter, there are sometimes frosty nights in northern Florida, sometimes even in central Florida (type Orlando).
Sunnyest in the spring – March and April are the climatic months in terms of climate.

But Florida is a destination all year round, especially if you can handle the summer humidity and cool (or even cold) winter nights.

Average temperatures:

  • North Florida: Summer: 27, Winter 12
  • South Florida: Summer: 28, Winter 20

Best time to visit Florida is to avoid public holidays… is often asked what time of year it is best to travel to the sunshine state. Therefore, we will develop the weather conditions further.
Because even though we are in an area that is relevant all year round, there are seasons, you can even talk about regional seasons. In addition to the fact that public holidays and school holidays naturally affect the frequency of visits.

The high season in South Florida starts the weeks before Christmas, many winters come down here already in connection with the Thanksgiving weekend. The high season is considered to be over around Easter. It is also during this time that most events are organized as well as the best time to visit the Everglades, fewer mosquitoes and also you have better control of the wildlife because the water levels are lower.

The Sunshine State – but it could also (summer time) be called The Humid State. 90 percent humidity and almost daily thunderstorms are not uncommon during the summer months. June-September, Florida receives half of the annual rainfall.
American Florida travelers avoid traveling here this time. However, many tourist destinations, such as Miami, receive a small invasion of tourists from Europe during the summer. Admittedly, as mentioned earlier, the hurricane season starts on June 1, but in general there is no tendency for any tropical storms until much later in the summer.


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