Beaches in Florida

Beaches in Florida

Beaches in Florida, the best
of hundreds along the coast

Beaches in Florida, you find them almost everywhere along the coast in the state. Beautiful sandy beaches along a coast that is almost 3,000 kilometers long – in the north, in the south, in the east and in the west.

The exception is the Everglades (but you can actually find beaches in this area as well) and a small part where the north coast turns into the west coast.

With hundreds of great beaches in a subtropical (sometimes tropical) climate. It is of course for sun and swimming over 100 million visitors come here every year.

Of Florida’s coastline, which is 3,000 kilometers long, about 1,300 kilometers are sandy beaches. With all the coves, inlets and the “backside” of the coast on the islands, we end up on a total coast of an unimaginable 13,000 kilometers.

Rarely more than an hour to the beach

Although Florida is large, it is rarely more than an hour’s drive to the ocean.
There is often talk of private beaches in Florida, at homes or at hotels. The truth is that you always have the right to walk along the shoreline, even if property owners have recently been given greater rights to assert private interests. From 1 July 2018, owners of private beaches, large and small, will have more rights than obligations.

With a little effort, it is actually possible to find a fairly empty secluded beach strip. We tell you where to go!

With few exceptions the beaches in Florida are on islands. This is true in the north, in the west and along the Atlantic.
On pages about the best beaches, we answer the following questions, among other things:

  • Where is the best water temperature?
  • Are there beaches in Key West?
  • Can you swim in Orlando?
  • Which is the best beach in The Panhandle?

Our regional sections about beaches in Florida are being translated. Patience!
We have different kinds of top lists about beaches in Florida and our own beach guide: Stephen Leatherman, a well known scientist, geologist, coastal expert, nicknamed “Doctor Beach”.

Few nudist beaches and rarely topless in Florida

Beaches in Florida are generally “organized” and most public beaches have lifeguards.

Nudist beaches are few. Skinnydipping or to be half-naked is, at most places, just to forget. You do not even see an American change bathing suit behind a bathrobe or towel. Even newborn babies are forced to wear a bathing suit on top of their nappies.

In the southern part of South Beach in Miami Beach it is generally accepted to sunbathe without a bikini top, the same applies to beaches in Key West.
In a certain part of Playalinda Beach, at wild and beautiful Canaveral National Seashore, skinny dipping is also said to be accepted (although not allowed by law).
Only on Haulover Beach in North Miami is nude swimming completely legal, the beach is Florida’s only official nude beach.

A work in progress

This website is a standalone version of Scandinavian Since the original has been published since 2006, it consists of up to 300 pages of information about Florida. Therefore, it will take time for us to translate everything, it is done manually (no machine translation).
We focus on meeting the need for up to date information about “New Florida”, such as what the theme parks in Orlando will be like when the state opens to visitors from other parts of the world.

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